Perry Saves The Day

Dear bear friends:

I cried and I cried and I cried! To go all the way to New York City! To find my special Santa, my Santa from the parade, only to forget what to say!

Poor Perry! He Forgot What To SayPoor Perry! He Forgot What To Say

We were on the plane, headed toward home and the house on the hill. I sat on Miss Cynthia's lap, sad as a little bear could be.

"Perry," said Miss Cynthia, "you mustn't fret! Santa knows that all the bears have been good bears this year! Santa got your list. I know Santa won't forget all those little bears."

"But Miss Cynthia," I sniffed, "what if Santa does forget? It will be all my fault! The bears were counting on me, and I forgot what to say. I practiced and practiced, and I still forgot what to say!" More tears leaked down my fur.

"Oh, you silly little bear," smiled Miss Cynthia, "don't you know that many children forget what to say when they see Santa? Santa knows, all the same - and he loves you, Perry. You and all the other Ewer bears. Santa will find you, don't worry!"

I couldn't be consoled. Miss Cynthia patted my back and stroked my head. I hiccupped. I took a deep breath.

"Okay, Perry," said Miss Cynthia, "I have another idea. Visiting Santa in person isn't the only way to talk to him! Remember? You can write him a letter!"

"But Miss Cynthia," I wailed, "today is Christmas Eve! There isn't enough time for a letter to go all the way to the North Pole!"

"Perry, don't be silly!" said Miss Cynthia. "You're a high-tech bear. Why don't you use your computer to send Santa an e-mail?"

I sat up straight. An e-mail? It would be delivered right away! An e-mail! I would send Santa an e-mail! I would tell him all about the bear family. I would tell him how good we've been! I would tell him all about us, everything that I forgot!

I squeezed the last tears from my fur, and smiled at Miss Cynthia. "See?" she said, "There's no reason for all this fuss! Let's compose an e-mail to Santa, right now. We'll send it from the phone, here on the airplane!"

Perry Sends An E-MailPerry Sends An E-Mail

And we did! Out came the little computer. I thought and thought, then I asked Miss Cynthia to send this e-mail to Santa:

"Dear Santa:

"My name is Perry Bear. I came to see you in New York City. I forgot what to say. So I am writing you this e-mail. Would you please visit the Ewer bear family this year? We live in the house on the hill. All the bears have been very, very good. I already gave you the list. We will leave you some milk and cookies, and a carrot for your reindeer.


Perry Bear Ewer"

In a few moments, the e-mail was on the way to the North Pole!

I sat up straight, stuck out my chest and smiled. Perry Bear Ewer had saved the day!

Now, to wait for Christmas morning!

Your bear friend,

Perry Bear Ewer