Meet Flat Paul

Teddy bears love a good story! One of my favorite books is Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown.

It's even more fun when the story comes true. Meet my friend, Flat Paul. He is visiting me from his home in the state of Georgia.

Flat Paul is teaching me about Georgia. I am helping him learn more about my home in Washington state.

Flat Paul is writing his adventures. Click on the links below to read about his visit:

Welcome, Flat Paul!

Flat Paul Visits The Tri-City Herald

A Warm Jacket

Flat Paul Visits St. Joseph's School

New Flat Friends at Badger Mountain School

Would you like to send a Flat Child to a friend far away? Here's how:

Send a Flat Child

Sample Flat Stanley Project letter

Perry Bear and Flat Paul meet new Flat Friends
from Badger Mountain School