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Perry Bear EwerIt's me, Perry Bear Ewer.  I'm a little teddy bear who travels the world learning and making friends.  I'm Cub Reporter for this Web site!

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Waking Up To A Surprise

There was hardly time to pack my bow-ties!

Yesterday morning, I stretched and yawned as daylight crept into my room in the house on the hill. Snuggled up next to my twin, Alexander, I was warm and soft and sleepy.

Miss Cynthia whirled into our room like a dust storm. "Rise and shine!" she called, "We've got a long day ahead."

I tried to rub the sleep from my eyes, and blinked them two or three times. What was this about? I turned to Alexander, but he was as sleepy--and as mystified--as I was.

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Perry's Christmas Adventure

Perry's Christmas Adventure

Hello bear friends, and Happy Holidays!

It's me, your friend Perry Bear Ewer. In 1997, I had a special holiday adventure. I traveled to New York City to visit Santa Claus.

Can you guess what will happen? I will share my stories with you every day until Christmas.

I hope you will enjoy reading letters from a little teddy bear!

Perry's Christmas Adventure

Your bear friend,
Perry Bear Ewer