Perry's Friends

What's the best thing about being a teddy bear? Friends!

Perry's Symphony friends

Violins make beautiful music! Listen to beautiful music! Mister Daniel Kobialka plays the violin with the San Francisco Symphony. He has made three wonderful recordings for children: Rainbows, When You Wish Upon A Star, and Oh, What A Beautiful Morning.

Click here to visit Mister Daniel at his Web site. You can click on the records to hear Mister Daniel's music!

Traveling with the San Francisco Symphony, I have lots of musician friends. You can visit them here: San Francisco Symphony

Perry's friends

As a world traveler and Cub Reporter, I have lots of friends. You can visit them, too!

Visit the Tri-Cities Free Net! Here's a link to the The Columbia Free Net I have lots of friends at TCFN. The graphic was drawn by my friend, Evan!

Perry's school friends

I like to visit my bear friends at school. Sometimes, I visit my school friends on the Internet.  Here are some of my school friends. I hope you will like meeting them!

Mrs. Moore's Awesome Third Grade Class has an awesome Web site, too!

Children's Development Center - My friends at the Center send me lots of letters. Hello, everyone! Gosh! There is an article about me in the Center's newspaper, The Children's News!