Perry's Family

Hello, bear friends! Many of you have wondered about my family. I have two families: my bear family, and my human family.

Meet the Ewer Bear Family

My bear family and I live in a sunny room in the house on the hill. I have sixteen bear brothers and sisters! Most of us are named after brave explorers. Here are our names:

  • Perry
  • Alexander
  • Franklin
  • Leif Bearickson
  • Gaius Ursus
  • Cokie
  • Grillparzer
  • Prince Hal
  • Amerigo
  • Gus
  • Molly
  • Rudy
  • Marco
  • William
  • Merri
  • Emily
  • Beezley

Meet my human family

Miss Cynthia is the human who takes care of our bear family. Even though she is a grown-up, she believes in bears. Miss Cynthia loves us very much, and we are all very fond of her!

Miss Cynthia is a web publisher. You can visit her at her Web site, OrganizedHome.Com. Miss Cynthia helps people cut clutter and have a happy home.

Doctor Steve is Miss Cynthia's husband. Doctor Steve is a heart doctor. I'm sorry to report that Doctor Steve likes to tease little bears. Luckily, Miss Cynthia always rescues me!

There are other members of our human family. Miss Cynthia and Doctor Steve have two children, Miss Brighid and Mister Ryan. Even though they are grown up, Brighid and Ryan are good bear friends.