Perry Discovers A Mystery

Dear bear friends:

It was Thanksgiving morning. The good smell of food cooking came up the stairs early, even before Miss Cynthia!

"Perry! Perry Bear!" called Miss Cynthia. I yawned and stretched and opened my eyes sleepily. Miss Cynthia scooped me off the bookcase. "Hurry up and come downstairs!" she said, "You don't want to miss the parade!"

Parade? What parade? I felt sleepy and grumbly. I yawned again as Miss Cynthia took me down the stairs to the family room. I didn't remember anything about a parade!

Miss Cynthia sat me on a little stool, in front of the television. What a treat! Usually, Miss Cynthia is very strict about television. I sat on my stool and blinked, trying to wake up. It must be a special day!

Then, I remembered! It was Thanksgiving Day. This morning, we were going to watch a parade from New York City. We will be traveling to New York City very soon. I sat up straight on my little stool, and paid attention to the television. Would we be able to see some of the sights of New York City?

Even though skies were cloudy here in the Tri-Cities, the streets of New York City were bright and sunny. Brisk winds blew on the parade announcers. I began to wiggle on my stool. This was exciting!

Look! There was Central Park: a big, green open space right in the middle of all the buildings. I saw a pretty ice skater dance on a pond in the Park. A helicopter showed views of the New York City streets. Everyone was lined up, waiting for the parade.

Here it came! Clowns and floats and big balloons, blowing in the wind. I liked the marching bands. The music made me want to march, too! Singers sang, dancers danced, and everyone smiled and waved. I waved back!

New York City looked like a wonderful place to be at holiday time. The tall buildings were decorated with twinkling lights. All the people looked happy and jolly, and all the children were smiling.

What a wonderful parade! Miss Cynthia, Doctor Steve and I laughed as we watched the antics of the clowns. Miss Cynthia liked a group of dancers, called the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. They were dressed as toy soldiers and they performed a funny dance. Doctor Steve liked the big balloons. "Here comes Spiderman!" he said.

The parade was ending when Miss Cynthia smiled at me. "Perry, pay attention!", she said. "Here comes Santa!"

Perry's Special SantaPerry's Special Santa

Santa? Who was Santa? I watched the television screen closely. Here he came: Santa Claus. He was driving a big sleigh pulled by reindeer. Santa wore a red suit with fur trim. He looked almost like a polar bear! He was big and round, and he had a white beard and long white hair. He laughed and waved to everyone.

The parade was over. I sat on my stool and wondered. I liked Santa! But who was he? And why was Santa riding in the Thanksgiving Day parade? As Reporter Perry, I would have to get to the bottom of this mystery!

Your bear friend,

Perry Bear Ewer