Perry's Christmas Adventure

Follow Perry Bear as he travels to New York City to meet his special Santa. Will the Ewer bear family celebrate Christmas?

On Christmas Night ...

Dear bear friends:

It was Christmas Eve, and we were home. There was a happy reunion at the house on the hill!

I sat surrounded by my bear family. Everyone was glad to see me. Alexander thumped my back with his paw. Marco clambered onto my lap. Leif Bearickson rumbled, deep-voiced with happiness.

Perry Saves The Day

Dear bear friends:

I cried and I cried and I cried! To go all the way to New York City! To find my special Santa, my Santa from the parade, only to forget what to say!

Perry Meets His Special Santa

Dear bear friends:

It was our last day in New York City. Once again, we were walking the streets of Manhattan, enjoying the holiday fun. Giant nutcrackers lined the boulevard. Merry musicians played and sang.

Perry Visits Radio City Music Hall

Dear bear friends:

I could hardly keep still! Miss Cynthia and Doctor Steve were taking too long to get ready. Tonight, we would visit Radio City Music Hall. We would see the Christmas show. I was dancing with impatience as Miss Cynthia combed her hair one more time.

Perry Shops Till He Drops

Dear bear friends:

It was cold and brisk and breezy in New York City this morning. Before we left our hotel, Miss Cynthia wrapped me in a nice warm scarf. Even through a polar bear's fur, I could feel the chill wind as it blew around and between the tall buildings.

Perry's Christmas Adventure: 

Perry Rides In A Limousine

Dear bear friends:

It's early morning, and I am typing very quietly. Miss Cynthia is sleeping. We are in New York City!

It was a long, hard day. Early in the morning, we climbed on an airplane in the Tri-Cities, and by dinner time, we were in New York City!

The Bears Make A List

Dear bear friends:

It was late at night in the house on the hill. The Ewer bear family gathered. I snuggled down between Franklin and Gus and looked at the dear furry faces of my fellow bears. Time to bring up the question I'd been thinking about all day.

"Alexander", I asked, "What do you know about Santa?"

Perry Makes A Phone Call

Dear bear friends:

When a reporter wants to find out something, he asks people who know! That's why I started to learn about Santa Claus with a phone call to my good friend, Miss Erin.

Miss Erin is very old - she's six! I knew she could tell me lots of information about Santa.

Perry Learns the Reporter's Five Ws

Dear bear friends:

After I watched the parade, I couldn't stop thinking about Santa! Who was he? When we travel to New York City, could I meet him? The stuffing in my head creaked with so many thoughts.

"Miss Cynthia?" I asked. We were in the kitchen. Miss Cynthia was making a gingerbread house. Frosting was everywhere! I sat nearby, holding the candies that would decorate the gingerbread house. The kitchen had a wonderful smell of ginger and cinnamon and molasses.

Perry's Gingerbread HousePerry's Gingerbread House

Perry's Christmas Adventure

Perry's Christmas Adventure

Hello bear friends, and Happy Holidays!

It's me, your friend Perry Bear Ewer. In 1997, I had a special holiday adventure. I traveled to New York City to visit Santa Claus.

Can you guess what will happen? I will share my stories with you every day until Christmas.

I hope you will enjoy reading letters from a little teddy bear!

Perry's Christmas Adventure

Your bear friend,
Perry Bear Ewer

Perry Discovers A Mystery

Dear bear friends:

It was Thanksgiving morning. The good smell of food cooking came up the stairs early, even before Miss Cynthia!

"Perry! Perry Bear!" called Miss Cynthia. I yawned and stretched and opened my eyes sleepily. Miss Cynthia scooped me off the bookcase. "Hurry up and come downstairs!" she said, "You don't want to miss the parade!"