School Visit

Flat Paul's Travel Diary
February 8, 2000

Dear Mrs. Lewis and the Second Grade class:

Everyone here in eastern Washington is very excited about the Flat Stanley project! Perry Bear and I have been sharing the project with other children. Everyone is excited to meet me. They want to know how to make a Flat Child themselves.

Perry and I have been visiting second grade classrooms. Today, we had lots of fun visiting Mrs. Garner's class at St. Joseph's School.

How we laughed and laughed! Miss Cynthia introduced us, and then Perry Bear explained about the Flat Stanley project. I wiggled and wiggled, because my turn was next!

Miss Cynthia held my envelope up high, where everyone could see. Out I came! I blinked a little bit at the bright light, then saw all the smiling faces. We would get acquainted, and I would tell them about being a flat child.

Mrs. Garner's second graders were very nice to me. Miss Cynthia used a map to show the students how far it was to my home in Georgia.

Perry Bear gave everyone a handout so they would know how to make their own flat child. Mrs. Garner's class knew lots of friends and relatives far away. They would have a very interesting Flat Stanley project.

And, as always, Perry Bear ended his classroom visit by performing the hula! Perry Bear is teaching me to dance the Hukilau, too. I will show it to you when I return to Georgia.

Your flat friend,

Flat Paul