Make A Flat Child

Having a flat visitor like Flat Paul is lots of fun. It's even more fun to send a flat version of yourself to friends or family far away.

Anyone can send a Flat Child. Here is what you need to do to have fun and learn more about far-away places.

How to send a Flat Child:
Learn about geography and have fun! Here is what to do:

Read the book, Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown. A bulletin board falls on Stanley in the night. When he wakes up, he has many adventures.

Make your own Flat Child. Draw a picture of yourself. Be sure to name your Flat Child after yourself! (Perry Bear's Flat Bear is named Flat Perry!)

Send your Flat Child to a friend or relative far away. Ask your family to help you. Introduce your Flat Child with a letter. There is a sample letter you can print here.

Ask your friend or relative to take your Flat Child someplace interesting. Have them take a photo, and mail it back to you.

Visit my Web site to learn more about the Flat Stanley Project. I have letters and photos and stories to read. My Web page address is: