At The Newspaper

Flat Paul's Travel Diary
January 5, 2000

Dear Mrs. Lewis and the Second Grade class:

It's been a very exciting day. After the Christmas holiday, children must go back to school. Grownups must go back to work. Today, I learned that even teddy bears must go back to work after a holiday.

This morning, cub reporter Perry Bear took me to the Tri-City Herald newspaper offices. We would meet with Miss Sherry, Perry Bear's editor.

It was a bright, sunny day in the Tri-Cities. We drove along the Columbia River. The water was deep and blue. I looked out the car window. It was exciting to see the deserts of eastern Washington state. Unlike Augusta, there are not many trees here, even along the river. I could see hills and mountains and water.

Soon, we pulled into the parking lot at the newspaper offices. Perry Bear read the sign: "Tri-City Herald!" he said, "That's where Miss Sherry works! I go see her to talk about my newspaper stories"

We went into the building. A happy, smiling lady came to meet us. "Miss Sherry!" Perry Bear exclaimed, "I'd like you to meet my new friend, Flat Paul!"

Miss Sherry shook my hand. "How exciting!" she said. "We have never had a flat child visit us before." She led us into the newsroom

Everyone smiled at me as we came to a happy, cluttered desk. "Sit down, Flat Paul" said Perry Bear. "We are going to talk with Miss Sherry about our newspaper story."

Miss Sherry and Perry Bear talked together. Perry Bear gestured to the computer. Miss Sherry nodded as he talked.

A busy newsroom

I looked around. Everywhere there were big computers and busy workers. A photographer checked his cameras and equipment. Reporters talked quietly into telephones. Graphic designers used computers to make pages for the next day's newspaper.

Suddenly, I heard my name. "Flat Paul," asked Miss Sherry, "what do you think about that idea?"

"What idea?" I asked.

"We think your visit is such a good story that we want to do something special," said Miss Sherry. "We want this story to be part of Newspapers in Education Week. Perry's page will be a very big story. The story won't be printed until March, but we will have lots to say about you, your class, and your visit!"

"What a great idea," said Perry Bear. "Flat Paul, school classes from all over eastern Washington will be reading about your trip. You'll have to teach us many things about Augusta. Everyone will want to know about your home."

Cub Reporters love ice cream! I gulped. "I hope I can remember!" I said.

I gulped. "I hope I can remember!" I said.

"Don't worry, Flat Paul," said Perry Bear. "We will ask Mrs. Lewis and the boys and girls in the Second Grade to help us."

I hope you will all help! In the weeks to come, I will help Perry Bear write a big story about flat children and geography. We will visit school classes and learn more about flat children.

What is the best thing about being a cub reporter? After our visit to the newspaper, Perry Bear and I went out for ice cream. It was very tasty!

Your flat friend,

Flat Paul