Sample Letter

Dear _____________________

Our class has been reading the story, Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. One night, Stanley's bulletin board falls on him. When he wakes up, he is flat! Flat Stanley can slip underneath the door, or fly like a kite. He can go anywhere in an envelope, just like a letter.

Our class is pretending that we have been flattened. We have drawn ourselves as Flat Children, and are mailing them to visit friends or relatives. We will learn about geography as our Flat Children have adventures in far-away places.

Would you please take Flat ____________________ somewhere interesting? You can take a picture of me having fun. Then send me back to my school. You might include a letter about my trip. Other ideas would be souvenirs, maps, or a travel journal. Mail me back to this address:

We will also share over the Internet. You can visit Perry Bear's Fun Page to learn more about the Flat Stanley Project. The address is:

Thank you for helping our Flat Children.