Europe 1999

<img src="/sites/" alt="Cub Reporter Perry Bear!" align="right" width="192" height="133"> </img>Hello, bear friends!&#160; In 1999, I traveled to Europe with the San Francisco Symphony.&#160;&#160; I hope you will enjoy reading about stories and adventures!

All Aboard!

Cub Reporter Perry BearDear bear friends:

All aboard! In just a few days, Miss Cynthia, Dr. Steve and I leave for a trip to Europe. Thanks to computer technology and the Tri-City Herald, all my bear friends are invited to read along as Perry Tours Europe 1999.

Being a traveling teddy bear is a big responsibility. It is also a lot of fun. In the weeks to come, I will visit thirteen cities in eight European countries. As I travel from country to country, I will write stories about all my adventures.

Perry's Travels: 

Lost and Found

Everything was topsy-turvy in the house on the hill!

Suitcases were scattered everywhere. Miss Cynthia moved books from one stack to another. Doctor Steve counted his pills and checked his medical equipment. Baby Supercomputer went to the Internet again and again.

Perry's Travels: 

Late One Night

It was my favorite time of day. Miss Cynthia and Doctor Steve had gone to bed. The house on the hill was dim and still and quiet. In the sunny room, a small lamp glowed softly. Time for stories!Story time!

Perry's Travels: 

Awake in Dublin

Zzzzzip! Miss Cynthia opened the zipper to my carry-on bag. I blinked at the sudden bright light. Yawning, I stretched my paws as far as they would go. I sat up and looked around the hotel room.

I woke up to Dublin!

Perry's Travels: 

A Writer's Bear

My first day in Ireland! It was a day for learning about books and writers and writing. In Ireland, writers and poets are very special. They are honored for what they do.

Perry's Travels: 

Perry Hears A Noise

"How do I look?" asked Doctor Steve. He stood before the mirror, smoothing his hair. Miss Cynthia straightened his tie, then leaned close to the mirror to check her makeup.

Perry's Travels: 

Bear In Charge!

"Perry Bear," I said to myself, "it’s time to think."

I sat on the floor of our hotel room. Runaway babies William and Merri were asleep on my lap. Miss Cynthia and Doctor Steve were away at the concert. The housekeepers could come at any minute. I had to have a plan!

"What would Alexander do?" I wondered.

Perry's Travels: 

Bards and Boxty

"Can you imagine?" said Miss Cynthia to Doctor Steve. "Perry Bear took care of everything last night! He kept the babies safe, he wrote to Alexander—all by himself!" She smiled at me from over her shoulder.

Perry's Travels: 

Palaces in Madrid

"Are we in a palace, Miss Cynthia?" I asked.

Perry's Travels: 

Plazas and Paella

On the big bed in our hotel room, the baby bears played tug-of-war--with me! "Come on, Perry, this way!" said little Merri Bear, as she tugged on my paw. "Go, Perry, go this way!" said little William Bear, as he pulled hard on my other paw. Poor Perry Bear! I was the rope, pulled this way and that by the baby bears’ morning game.

Perry's Travels: 

Perry Meets N Sync!

The elevator doors slid open. Outside the front doors, a noisy crowd had gathered. What were all those young girls doing, looking inside the lobby of the Palace Hotel? What had happened to our quiet lobby?

I looked at Miss Cynthia. She looked at me. "Perry, what on earth is happening?"

Perry's Travels: 

Bears in Barcelona

William wiggled. Merri bounced. My tote bag was hardly big enough to hold three bears, especially when two of them wouldn’t stop squirming. "Settle down, William!" I said. "Merri, be still. Do you want to fall out onto your head?"

Perry's Travels: 

Cafe in Toulouse

"Shhhh!" said Miss Cynthia. "Doctor Steve is sleeping!"

I rubbed my eyes and sat up in bed. Now I remembered! We were in Toulouse, a city on the Garonne River in Southern France. I had never visited Toulouse before. I was eager to walk around and see the sights.

Perry's Travels: 

What's the Same?

It had been a busy week for Doctor Steve. Many members of the orchestra had come down with the flu. Now Miss Cynthia had it, too. She coughed and shivered underneath the covers. Merri, William and I sat on the side of Miss Cynthia's bed. Merri leaned close to me. "Will Miss Cynthia be all right?" she whispered.

Perry's Travels: 

A Doll Hospital

We're home, safe and well. Time to tell my last travel story!

"Looks like Perry needs a bear doctor," said Doctor Steve.

Miss Cynthia looked at me closely over her plate of Wienerschnitzel and potatoes. "Goodness," she said, "I think you're right! Perry, what has happened to your nose?"

Perry's Travels: 

Try Boxty!

Would you like to try Boxty, too?  Here is a recipe for these Irish potato griddle cakes, from the Edibilia archives:


Categories: Irish, Vegetables
Servings: 8

1/2 lb Raw potato
1/2 lb Mashed potato
1/2 lb Plain flour
1 Egg
Salt and pepper

Perry's Travels: