Perry goes to a Hong Kong tailor

Dear bear friends:

Hong Kong is a city at the center of the world!

During our visit to Japan, we saw very few non-Japanese people. As Americans (and as a teddy bear) we stood out in Japan. This was nice, in a way, because so many Japanese smiled just to see me and often, became my friend.

In Hong Kong? Why, I believe that everyone in the world must come to Hong Kong! There is so much to see and for a bear, so much to smell and to hear. I will be writing about all my Hong Kong adventures, because they are so exciting.

Today, I want to tell you about my trip to a Hong Kong tailor. Doctor Steve needed a new suit of clothes and tailors in Hong Kong are the best!

We entered the basement of the big hotel. My! The air conditioning felt good, after the warm, steamy air of a Hong Kong autumn day. I like being a bear, but fur isn't very comfortable when it's hot and sticky outside! Inside the building, I took a deep breath and felt much, much cooler. We walked along the narrow corridor, looking for our tailor's shop.

Here it is! Our tailor's name is Mister Chan, and he smiles and welcomes us. He wasn't even surprised to see a little bear visiting his shop! As Miss Cynthia and Doctor Steve and Mister Chan consulted about Doctor Steve's suits, I sat on a little bench and looked around me.

Everywhere I looked, I saw beautiful fabrics. Fabrics for jackets and trousers, fabrics for suits and dresses. There were shirt fabrics, and tie fabrics. It was like sitting inside a rainbow!

Soon, Doctor Steve had selected the fabric for his suit of clothes. Now Mister Chan must measure him! When you buy a suit from a tailor, it fits you, and only you because it is made just for you. Doctor Steve stood in front of a large mirror, and Mister Chan measured him here and there and around and up and down.

What? Mister Chan wants to measure me? I don't want a suit of clothes I have fur, and it's very uncomfortable wearing anything on top of fur! I tried to wiggle off the little bench and run away, but Miss Cynthia was too fast for me.

"Don't be silly, Perry," said Miss Cynthia, "It's just for fun and so we can take your photograph!" I squinched my eyes, suspiciously. Clothes are just fine for humans, but they do NOT belong on bears.

Miss Cynthia was good as her word. Mister Chan measured me, but just to take my photograph! Whew! That was a narrow escape!

I will write again soon!

Your bear friend,

Perry Bear Ewer

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